Statement from Sens. Frockt and Jayapal on Supreme Court order

“The Supreme Court today rightly pointed out that much work has been done toward funding education, but also stated that there is much work left to do. We agree.

“It is the state’s responsibility to pay educator salaries, not that of local school districts. Relieving that burden is a large and costly process but a critical one if we are going to chip away at the opportunity gap that continues to create winners and losers across our state.

“The good news is that Democrats and Republicans have recognized the fact that if we are going to pay for our basic education obligations responsibly – we must do so through new revenue.  Without new revenue any plan is just another empty promise.

“Coming up with the $3.5 billion it will take to fix the compensation system should not be done through yet again asking more and more from middle class families and small businesses.

“Let’s fund education fairly by reforming the nation’s most unfair tax system. Our current tax structure does little more than help the rich get richer. We have an opportunity and responsibility to fund education adequately and sustainably through reforming the nation’s most unfair tax system.

“We stand ready to work with our colleagues in the House and Senate as well as the Governor to get to work on this critical issue.”