Sen. David Frockt issued the following statement on Lieutenant Governor Brad Owen’s ruling on Rule 64 of the Senate rules:

“On the first day of session when this supermajority requirement was put into the Senate rules, I stood on the floor and tried to prevent it from taking place. I argued as strongly as I could that it would be ruled unconstitutional. The rules of the Senate cannot override a clear constitutional ruling even if the rule in question is procedural. The substantive effect of Rule 64  was the same as the statute that was ruled unconstitutional in the League of Education Voters case, which I was a plaintiff in. I understand that people disagree with the Court’s ruling overturning the 2/3 requirement. The remedy they seek, however, can only come in the form of a  constitutional amendment and not this type of procedural rule. I commend Lt. Governor Owen for his well-reasoned, logical  ruling that highlighted substance over form.

“Furthermore, this ruling has important implications, just as the League of Education Voters case did. The supermajority requirement locks in place the most unfair tax structure in the nation and would have prevented us from seeking tax reform that could close tax loopholes and perhaps move us toward a fairer, less regressive state tax system. I look forward to working to invest in schools, transportation and other critical public needs with clarity regarding the vote requirement for passage of necessary tax reforms.”