Dear friends and neighbors,

Don’t miss out! I’m having a virtual town hall TONIGHT at 6:00 over on Facebook and Twitter to check in and chat with you about your priorities leading into the 2022 legislative session. Click the image below to join me!

The 2022 session starts on MONDAY, Jan. 10, and we have such exciting work ahead of us: revitalizing our economy and supporting small businesses and workers, taking bold action on our housing crisis to get more people into the high-quality and stable housing they dream of, bringing together industry leaders and entrepreneurs and environmental experts to enact policy that protects our planet, and so much more.

And I want to know: what are YOU most excited about? What questions do you have? How would you like to work together on our community’s shared goals this session?

Send in your questions and thoughts ahead of tonight’s town hall by emailing me at, or drop your thoughts in the comments section when we go live!

As a reminder, you can always reach me by email or by phone at (360) 786-7692, on Facebook at “Sen. Mona Das,” on Twitter at @senmonadas, or on Instagram at @senatormonadas. Send me an email, give me a call, leave a comment on a post, or tweet at me! Even though we have to stay apart to keep our communities safe, we can absolutely stay connected!

Sincerely, Mona