As the need for low-income housing continues to rise, a Senate bill is would turn abandoned and unused buildings into safe and secure homes.  Ian Cope reports.  (TRT: 1:02) CLICK TO DOWNLOAD


There are few things more ironic than a homeless man or woman sitting on the steps of a boarded up building.  A bill proposed this week in the Washington State Senate would seek to give those men and women a place to call home.  Tacoma Sen. Jeanne Darneille is sponsoring a bill to give cities the opportunity to donate properties that have been foreclosed to non-profit groups to renovate and turn into low-income housing.  Washington’s 39 counties already have that ability and the bill will simply extend that right to local communities.  Darneille says the need for such action grows greater every day.

Sen. Darneille (TRT: 18) CLICK TO DOWNLOAD: “The number of homeless families in our state is continuing to rise and local communities options for helping them have not risen at the same degree, so we have a growing number of children who are living with their families in cars, couch-surfing with family members and friends.”

Along with providing housing, Darneille says she is hopeful that trade organizations and community and technical colleges may also be contracted with to provide on-the-job training or apprenticeships for men and women training for construction or contracting work.