Dear friends and neighbors,  

We are more than halfway through the current legislative session! Progress is being made to ensure we are building healthy and safe communities, strengthening our economy and jobs, and supporting workers in Washington.  

Representing you in Olympia is my top priority. As chair of the Senate Health & Long-Term Care Committee, much of my work is also focused on making health care more accessible and affordable across Washington State.  

I am reaching out today to provide an update on the legislation I sponsored that has passed the Senate and is now under consideration in the House of Representatives.  

Building healthy and safe communities 

  • Senate Bill 5121 seeks to renew the tenure of the Joint Select Committee on Health Care Oversight, allowing this committee to continue monitoring several health care agencies and ensure they are working together to improve care options and increase the affordability of care. 
  • Senate Bill 5122 extends the ambulance transport quality assurance fee program to ensure communities in our state can retain these critical services. 
  • Senate Bill 5242 eliminates cost-sharing for abortion services, ensuring equity and fairness by further relieving barriers to access care.
  • Senate Bill 5338 directs a review of Washington’s current essential health benefits package, so we can consider any possible changes that may be needed before the 2024 federal deadline. 

Strengthening the economy and jobs 

  • Senate Bill 5336 will allow Vancouver to continue qualifying for the Washington State Main Street Program by clarifying population criteria for participation. 

Supporting workers  

  • Senate Bill 5454 seeks to help nurses impacted by the trauma of the pandemic by improving their workers’ compensation benefits.  
  • Senate Bill 5538 removes the penalty of reduced benefits for retired nurses looking to return to patient care.  

Get involved 

As your senator, I take great pride in representing you in Olympia. But we are stronger when we work together — that includes you!  

There are many ways to make a difference for our community on the issues you care about. I encourage you to get involved by:  

  • Tracking legislation on the issues important to you 
  • Watching broadcasts and archived videos of your democracy in action 
  • Testifying before legislative committees remotely or in person 

Stay in touch 

As always, please feel free to reach out to my office directly with any questions or concerns.  

Sincerely yours,  

Annette Cleveland 

Senator, 49th Legislative District 

Chair, Health and Long-Term Care Committee