36th Legislative District Team

Sen. Reuven Carlyle

Chair, Senate Environment, Energy & Technology

Reuven served in the state House of Representatives from 2009-2016 before being elected to the Senate. Reuven has led recent efforts to enact state-level consumer privacy protection measures based on global standards to strengthen consumer access and control over personal data held by companies and the government, as well as net neutrality. He also is a long-time champion of removing the death penalty from Washington law.

Rep. Gael Tarleton

As a state representative for the 36th Legislative District, Gael has served in a variety of leadership roles. As Majority Floor Leader for three years, she organized caucus message and response on matters being considered on the floor. While often responding to opposition, Gael always focuses on finding bipartisan solutions to statewide problems and providing opportunities to consensus.

Rep. Noel Frame

Vice chair, Human Services & Early Learning

State Representative Noel Frame has served in the Washington State Legislature since January 2016. She was motivated to run for office by a strong commitment to fully fund public schools by fixing our state’s regressive, upside-down and unfair tax code. Born and raised in Washington state, Noel is a former foster parent to two members of her own family. She is deeply committed to tackling the root causes of systemic issues facing families in crisis, such as eradicating poverty and increasing access to quality healthcare.