OLYMPIA – Sen. Reuven Carlyle, D-Seattle, will serve as chair on the Energy, Environment & Technology Committee (EET) in the Washington state Senate. Seizing a one-seat majority after a special election victory in Washington’s 45th Legislative District, Senate Democrats will now set the agenda for policy committees and floor voting.

Following a year of limited action on pressing environmental issues, the new majority is poised to consider legislation addressing Puget Sound cleanup, salmon, forest health, oil safety, broadband deployment, next generation technologies and carbon emissions and more.

“We can build a modern, 21st Century clean energy strategy that embraces a strong environment and a strong economy,” said Carlyle. “The broad categories of energy, environment and technology are central to our quality of life for 7 million people and I’m excited to move forward with renewed commitment as a state to our future.”

The EET committee is also preparing to hear legislation that would better connect rural communities to high-quality broadband internet, striving to ensure access for every Washingtonian.