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OLYMPIA – The Senate on Monday passed legislation to ensure those leaving incarceration are better prepared to be contributing members of our community.  

SB 5134, sponsored by Senator Claire Wilson (D-Auburn), looks to increase gate money to better match to current rates of inflation.  

People leaving Washington’s incarceration systems are currently given $40; an amount chosen in the 1970s when it went a lot further than it does today.  

SB 5134 would remove the current cap of $40, allowing a more reasonable amount to be put toward the needs of those exiting systems of incarceration. It would also require re-entry planning for all individuals who are within a year of release. Currently re-entry planning is available to those in partial confinement programs. 

“Research shows that we see higher rates of reentry and lower rates of recidivism when we provide basic necessities to formerly incarcerated people,” said Sen. Wilson. “The purpose of these types of support services are to reduce or remove barriers to successful reentry.”