OLYMPIA – Sen. Yasmin Trudeau (D-Tacoma), vice chair of the Senate Law & Justice Committee, will work the initial days of the 2022 legislative session from home after testing positive for COVID-19.

“I’m grateful that I can isolate at home with my family to minimize the possibility of spread, and I’m especially glad that my husband and I were vaccinated against this virus,” said Trudeau. “It’s scary to have COVID when we have a little one here at home who’s too young to be vaccinated, but we’re monitoring all of our symptoms extremely closely and know that we have an incredible community surrounding us to help us take care of our family.

“I’m drawing on the resilience of our loved ones, the support of my colleagues and the encouragement that comes from knowing the Legislature is well-prepared to conduct the people’s business remotely.

“This isn’t the way I wanted to start my first session, but I’m no less excited and ready to do the work our community wants done. After a full isolation and recovery, I plan to go to Olympia when it is safe and possible to do so – but whether I’m there or here at home, I’m ready to work.”